Register your new client within an hour


Time. Money. You know the drill. blanco can save you a lot of both. Our Client Onboarding Tool registers your new asset management clients within the hour. Our clients cut back the time they need to register a new client from hours and sometimes days to a maximum of 60 minutes.

The result is a legally accurate registration of your customer by using one easy-to-use module that you or your customer can use anywhere on a computer or tablet with an internet connection. So no paper hassle anymore. And more time to manage your client’s assets. Click here to contact us

Onboarding new customers has become a complicated and time consuming affair in recent years. Precious time we would rather spend on managing our clients’ assets. blanco’s onboarding tool brought a solution. We had not seen the speed and ease of use of this solution ever before. Hans Dubbeldam, Index Capital

Index Capital about the blanco Client Onboarding tool

The registration process of your client fully digitized

  • Unmistakeable proces

    The process is completely structured to ensure that all steps are always performed in the same way.

  • Client Due Dilligence

    Client Due Dilligence is digitized and linked to reliable databases such as central banks and authorities.

  • Know Your Customer

    Know Your Customer functionality with different types of questionnaires.

  • Whitelabel look & feel

    The product can be adapted to the style of your company.

  • Digital contracts

    The registration can be finalized with a digital signature of your client through iDIN, iDEAL and SMS.

  • Scan ID documents

    identity documents scanned and automatically read out


We install, maintain and manage the software for you


Effortlessly in compliance with MIFID and other legislation.


Our software is always based on the latest cloud technology.


ISAE 3402 certification ensures proper execution of processes and security


Best-in-class’ security


Work with knowledgeable banking en IT experts

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