Know Your Customer procedure digitized on a scientific basis


The law leaves no doubt about it. An asset or wealth manager should properly analyze the risk appetite of customers and subsequently invest their assets appropriately. Not long ago you had to determine the risk profile and appetite of your customer yourself, based on questionnaires. Now, the blanco KYC-tool does so automatically. The KYC-tool digitizes and accurately weighs a Know-Your-Customer questionnaire and automatically calculates a scientifically substantiated risk profile plus investment proposal based on the answers.

But it doesn’t stop there. The blanco KYC-tool also automatically calculates three realistic scenario-analysis of the expected returns based on Monte Carlo simulations. It can be integrated seamlessly with our Client Onboarding tool. Would you also like to cut back on time and paperwork regarding the profiling of your customer? Call us on 020 – 24 201 24 or send us an email at .

Topcapital, Patrick Bontje about blanco Know Your Customer Tool
We are passive investors and we try to reduce the risks to our customers as much as possible. It is therefore essential that the customer’s financial situation is mapped out as accurately as possible. This new KYC tool helps us in a fast and efficient way. In addition, we feel comfortable with the fact that the KYC tool determines consumer risk awareness based on a scientifically substantiated model by Prof. Dr. Marcel van Assen.Patrick Bontje - topcapital

Know Your Customer procedure digitized on a scientific basis

  • Financial Position

    Assets available for investment are calculated based on the personal situation of your client

  • Investment Objective

    The module will ask for the final investment objective of your client

  • Risk appetite

    A scientific model determines the risk appetite of your client

  • Knowledge and Experience

    The customer will indicate his or her knowledge and experience regarding financial and capital structure

  • Automatic Risk Profiling

    The combined results of all questionnaires automatically determine the most fitting profile for the client

  • Expected yields

    Graphs will provide the client with an outlook on expected yields based on Monte Carlo simulations


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