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Experts from the e-brokerage, banking industry and IT that know how to make asset management procedures faster, better and cheaper occupy the offices of blanco. To do so, we develop products based on the newest technology which make life for wealth and asset managers significantly easier. We developed a 60-minute Client Onboarding that will rapidly register your wealth management customer.

We also built a fully automated Know Your Customer tool that determines the risk appetite of your customers through a quick and easy online procedure. And we provide services that will keep your company compliant with legislation (like the Financial Supervision Act [Wft], the Money Laundering and Terrorist Prevention Act (Wwft), and beginning next year MiFID II) and in control of risks.

Blanco Client Onboarding

The blanco Client Onboarding module automates the complete customer onboarding process, from Customer Due Diligence (as stipulated in the Money Laundering and Terrorist Prevention Act [Wwft]) to a digital signature. That process used to take hours and sometimes even days. The blanco module registers your asset management clients within the hour by digitizing previously time-consuming processes such as collecting customer data and signing agreements.

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Blanco Know Your Customer

An asset manager is legally required to properly analyze a customer’s risk-orientation and then invest appropriately. The blanco KYC performs these tasks fully automatically. By applying a scientific model, developed by Professor Dr. Marcel van Assen, the end-customer’s risk profile is determined in an accurate, objective manner. The outcome of the risk profile is automatically linked to the asset manager’s model portfolio.

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Banking & IT Experts

Our team of e-brokerage and banking experts on the one hand and IT experts on the other hand, brought together her knowledge and experience to make things better, faster and cheaper. The combined knowledge of our team provides products and services that enable asset managers to run their business considerably more efficiently.

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Wealth Manager Out-Of-The-Box

For software platforms, you usually pay a license fee and always pay 100% for use and maintenance, whether you use 10% or 90% of the functionality. Not by blanco. We find it reasonable that you only pay for what you use. Therefore, we developed blanco’s Wealth Manager Out-Of-The-Box, which is made up of modular building blocks such as knowledge or technology. Each building block provides a solution for a specific business

such as Client Onboarding, Compliance, Know-Your-Customer or Audit support, and can be purchased separately or in its entirety. Blanco’s Wealth Manager Out-Of-The-Box takes all time-consuming processes from asset managers hands, leaving more time for customer acquisition, relationship management and asset management.
We take care of the rest.

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